Clean Start

PowerBar made a Clean Start with the better-tasting Clean Whey Bar that has 20 grams of protein. If PowerBar and Ryan Lochte can pull off a Clean Start, you can do anything.

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introducing the new clean whey bar

We’re making a Clean Start with the Clean Whey Protein Bar. It’s crafted with premium proteins and no artificial sweeteners. With 2g of sugar and 5g or less of net carbs, you can feel great about these great tasting bars.

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Clean Start Stories

In these three Clean Start stories, our subjects find new beginnings through athletics. With the help of their teammates, they discover hope, friendship and, most importantly, the joy of sports.

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Make a Clean Start Pledge for a Free Bar

That’s right. Free bar. Tell us how you plan to dominate 2017 like a recommitted Ryan Lochte, and we’ll send you a coupon for a Free Clean Whey Bar. And did we mention it’s free?

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Kathy R“I pledge to be more active in my community and church.”
Frankie F“I pledge to restart my routine of participating in recreational sports 3 times a week, in order to maintain good cardio and weight.”
Jan B“I pledge to try to become a better student and athlete. Not letting anything get in my way. To try my best.”
Sarah P“I pledge to explore more healthy snacks and foods and work out more!”
Mary G“I pledge to walk at least 3 miles every day and to walk 5 miles or more at least three days a week in 2017.”
Jane S“I pledge to stay more motivated by changing up my exercise.”
Bikash B“I pledge to commute on bike once a week”
John D“I pledge to get back on my feet and hit the ground running ahead.”
Bonnie M“I pledge to eat better and exercise more regularly.”
Melody K“I pledge to run every week, rain or shine”
Julia G“I pledge to exercise 7 days a week!”
Kim M“I pledge to eat cleaner, healthier and make an effort to get to the gym 5 times a week.”
Utkarsh K“I pledge to exersice 4 times a week”
Sara U“I pledge to travel around the country with loved ones.”
Regina F“I pledge to be a healthier me in 2017 starting now!”
Lynn F“I pledge to walk more everyday”
Page D“I pledge to practice kindness on a daily basis”
Jennifer K“I pledge to exercise 3 times a week.”
Nick L“I pledge to eat more cleanly and work out 5 days a week”
Paula S“I pledge to work out 4 days a week exercise every morning”